Thanks to our fundraisers!

We are grateful for donations from from Catriona Walker and Sheila Henderson who made and sold face masks. Support continues from the shoppers using Easy Fundraising .


A big thank you to our main fundraiser during lockdown, Joanne Anderson for her cycling efforts.Through JustGiving Joanne has raised over £900 and cycled over 750 miles. Joanne decided to take on this challenge as a tribute to two beautiful girls, her sister Alison Galletly and Evie Douglas, who sadly died by suicide. Joanne succeeds in raising awareness of mental health and challenging the stigma. The donations continue to arrive and Joanne continues to pedal !! Well done !

A few words and photo from Joanne :


Well what a year this has been. Its not been an easy year for anyone. I am just thankful for my lovely supportive family and great friends. Our new dog Floss who has provided lots of entertainment. We live in a beautiful part of the world. But most importantly that I decided to do the bike challenge last year!

Don’t get me wrong, it has certainly not been easy and I have struggled to get out… the weather hasn’t always been kind…. I can name lots of reasons that on the past would have put me off. This time I could make up lots of excuses but ultimately I made a pledge for Alison and Evie. I had to keep it up. During the horrible cold days of Dec I had to get myself out without a pal, because who wants to cycle in December? I’ve had to learn to become comfortable to cycle on my own. To go out when I really didn’t want to and even cycling to school 3 times a week. To be fair it has kept me well.”


Future activities will be confirmed as opportunities and ideas arise and COVID restrictions are lifted.

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